First Draft of the IWSFG Flushability Specification

The first draft of the IWSFG Flushability Specification was published in July 2017 and comments were accepted until September 1, 2017.  The IWSFG considered all of the comments received when developing the second draft of its Flushability Specification.

Comments Received on First Draft of Flushability Specification 

All Nippon Nonwovens Association

American Forest & Paper Association

Australian Food & Grocery Council

City of Gresham

City of Olympia

City of Vancouver

Clean Water Services

DPI Water


Food and Consumer Products of Canada

GammaHealthcare Ltd.

GP Consumer Products LP

Grasim Industries Ltd.



Jacob Holm

Japan Chemical Fibers Association

Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association

Kelheim Fibers

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft

Midcoast Water

NicePak Products, Inc.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Procter & Gamble

SGS – IPS Testing


Water Corporation

Watercare Services Limited

First Draft of Flushability Specification

IWSFG Standard 1 – Criteria for Recognition as a Flushable Product

IWSFG PAS 0 – Terms and Definitions for Determination of Flushability

IWSFG PAS 1 – Environmental Health and Safety Requirements

IWSFG PAS 2A – Toilet Clearance Test

IWSFG PAS 2B – Drain Line Clearance – Settling Test

IWSFG PAS 2C – Drain LIne Clearance – Snagging Test

IWSFG PAS 3A – Accelerated Bench Top Disintegration Test

IWSFG PAS 3B – Slosh Box Test

IWSFG PAS 3C – Flask and Shaker Table Test

IWSFG PAS 4 – Settlement Test

IWSFG PAS 5A – Aerobic Biodisintegration Test

IWSFG PAS 5B – Anaerobic Biodisintegration Test